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The House of Wisdom, Bulgakov - International Conference, Switzerland, University of Fribourg
Start Date/Time: Thursday, September 2, 2021 8:00 AM
End Date/Time: Saturday, September 4, 2021 7:00 PM

Building the House of Wisdom
Sergii Bulgakov - 150 Years After His Birth
International Conference
Fribourg – September 2–4, 2021
University of Fribourg (CH), Fordham University (USA),
Volos Academy for Theological Studies (Greece),
hosted by the University of Fribourg, Switzerland

08:30 Registration / Coffee 09:15 Welcome addresses
by the Dean of the Faculty of Theology
of the University of Fribourg Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. hc. Mariano Delgado by the organisers Regula Zwahlen, Sergii Bulgakov Research Center Nathaniel Wood, Fordham University Pantelis Kalaitzidis, Volos Academy
09:45 Introduction: Building the House of Wisdom Barbara Hallensleben
10:15 Short break 10:30 Keynote: Bulgakov’s Christology Rowan Williams 12:00 Lunch 13:15 Lecture 1: Creation out of nothing as Creation out
of and in God: Bulgakov’s Chalcedonian Ontology Brandon Gallaher
14:00 Lecture 2: “Religion and Politics” Catherine Evtuhov 15:00 Short break 15:15 Panel I: Religion, Politics, and Economics Moderator: Pantelis Kalaitzidis1) The World as the Household of Wisdom:
Political Theology and Philosophy of Economy Dionysios Skliris2) Independent? Resistant? Cooperative?
Father Sergii Bulgakov’s Thoughts on the Church-State
Relations and the Paradigm of Postsecularism Yuri Safoklov3) Rethinking the Language of economics
as a systematic Christian response to economic
and ecological crises in the thought of S. Bulgakov Tikhon Vasilyev Respondent: Nikolaos Asproulis
16:45 Coffee break 17:15 Lecture 3: Bulgakov’s Chalcedonian Politics
of Divine-Human Personality Nathaniel Wood
18:00 Lecture 4: Sophiology and Personalism, Pillars of
a New Political Science for the XXIst Century Antoine Arjakovsky
18:45 Welcoming reception

09:00 Panel II: Anthropology and Spirituality Moderator: Paul Gavriluyk1) “Transcende te ipsum”: Faith, Prayer and
Name-Worship in Unfading Light Ivan Ilin2) The Kenotic Iconicity of Sergii Bulgakov’s
Divine-Humanity: A Feminist Retrieval Sarah Livick-Moses3) Sergii Bulgakov and the Practice of Speculation Joshua Heath Respondent: Paul Ladouceur
10:30 Coffee break 11:00 Lecture 5: From Grammar to Wisdom:
Bulgakov’s Trinitarian Ontology John Milbank
12:00 Lunch 13:15 Lecture 6: From Social Trinity to “Linguistic Trinity”:
Sergii Bulgakov’s contribution to analytic theology Nikolaos Asproulis
14:00 Lecture 7: Sergii Bulgakov’s “Karamazov Excursus” Pavel Khondzinskii 14:45 Short break 15:00 Panel III: Anthropology and Personhood Moderator: Regula Zwahlen1) The Authenticity of Creativity Deborah Casewell2) Sergei Bulgakov’s Fragile Absolute:
Kenosis, Difference, and Positive Dissociation Jack Louis Pappas3) On Mangodhood: Satan after Schelling Justin S. Coyle Respondent: Brandon Gallaher
16:30 Coffee break 17:00 Lecture 8: Gods, Chimaeras, and Portmanteaux:
Bulgakov and the Metaphysics of Personhood David Bentley Hart
18:00 Short break 18:15 Panel IV: God-Humanity Moderator: Aristotle Papanikolaou1) Mariology as personalized Sophiology:
Sergii Bulgakov’s Chalcedonian Theology Dario Colombo2) A Proposal for Bulgakovian Ecology Austin Holmes3) Shapers of Deification in the West:
Sergii Bulgakov and Myrrha Lot-Borodine Mark McInroy Respondent: Barbara Hallensleben 19:45 DinnerSATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 4
09:00 Panel V: Ontology Moderator: Catherine Evtuhov
1) Sergii Bulgakov’s Early Marxism:
A Narrative of Development Caleb Henry2) Creatio ex Sapientia in Sergei Bulgakov’s
Unfading Light Taylor Ross3) The Reception of the Palamite Theology
in the Sophiology of Sergei Bulgakov Liubov Petrova Respondent: Aristotle Papanikolaou 10:30 Coffee break 11:00 Lecture 9: Sergej N. Bulgakov: Entre théologie
kénotique de l’évévement et ontologie trinitaire Antonio Bergamo
11:45 Lecture 10: Le débat sophiologique dans
le contexte de la théologie politique Alexei Kozyrev 12:30 Lunch 13:30 Panel VI: Church Moderator: Michel Stavrou1) Is it all the Greeks’ Fault? Reconsidering
the Byzantine Legacy Nikos Kouremenos2) Sergius Bulgakov and Latin American
Liberation Theology Graham McGeoch3) The Vision of Unity. The Ecumenical Thought
of Father Sergii Bulgakov Adalberto Mainardi Respondent: Pantelis Kalaitzidis 15:00 Coffee break 15:30 Lecture 11: Unfinished dispute. How is it possible
to criticize Bulgakov’s sophiology today? Natalia Vaganova 16:15 SHORT BREAK 16:30 Lecture 12: “The Training for Dying and Death”:
A New Reading of Bulgakov’s Sophiology Paul Gavrilyuk
17:30 Final Discussion
18:30 Closing recepti


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